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Veteran's Day 2015


I was at the store getting a card today and I had the privelege of thanking two veterans,
I shook their hand and said, "Thank you for your service." It is as easy as that. One of them,
was on current duty and was a captain. The other was an elderly and dapper WWII veteran with a cane.
He said he was concerned that WWII was becoming so distant that people were going to forget about it.
I assured him that I personally would not allow that to happen. I thanked him again and he was on his way.
Don't let shyness impede you from doing this simple thing. They need to be reminded that we citizens remember
and will always remember their service and heroism of serving their country. They also need your assurances
that we will NEVER forget.

Thank a Veteran TODAY!

Veteran's Day
Wednesday Nov 11th, 2015
By Levi List

Every day should be approached as an opportunity to be grateful. We should look for and address things that we are grateful for; our spouse, our family and relatives, our health and our jobs. The roof over our head, the car that gets us to work every day, the virtual luxury that the average American enjoys. We have so many blessings in our lives that the least we could do is acknowledge them and be grateful to our Creator. To recognize and be grateful for the blessings in our lives is to be at one with God who gave them to us.

We must also pause and consider the external. Those things and people that are generally outside of our immediate daily experiences. The things that others do and have done to make our great nation what it is today, the apex of human freedom. However we must also reflect upon the fact that these freedoms did not come for free. They have been paid for in the blood of our families, the sweat and tears of our countrymen and the prayers and sorrows of our citizens. We have all paid and sacrificed, whether it be in the blood of our kin or the sweat of our brow we give unto Caesar. Collectively, as taxpayers, we contribute to the overall good of the community and hope for the best at the ballots, but we pay, and some pay (or paid) more than others in a sense. It is not about who is better or done more but it is about being grateful to those who have made sacrafices to serve their country.

On this Veteran's Day we are reminded that we are literally surrounded by our family, friends and neighbors who have served or are still in service to our nation in the various branches of our exemplary military as soldiers and/or as leaders. Our veterans are the strength and experience that makes up the very finest of the fabric of our United States of America and our society.

Today, and every day, remember them, reach out to them and thank them. Today stop and take a minute, grab a veteran by the hand and say "thank you for your service!!!" They need to hear that on this of all days. He or she needs to know that we do not forget and we would not leave them behind, we support them even if the bureaucracy or politics of the day don't seem to be. To say thank you is the very least we can do...and remember. They need to know that they have our hearts and they have our best wishes.

Veterans, we thank you for your service to our country!!!

This flag is for you!


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